Born and raised in Barcelona, at a very early age gets started on one of his passions: acting. Acting is what makes him stand on a stage for the first time, and that, combined with his love for music made an easy transition for him to get on stage and start playing music in public while in high school.


He discovers Elvis, Rockabilly and 50’s Rock and Roll as a young teenage, deeply influenced by these sounds makes of these kinds of music his life style.


In the 80’s he moves to San Francisco, where he gets involved with the music scene of the moment, learns and gets influenced by Country music, Swing, and the  old time classics from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, specially interested on the Bakersfield sound, and the Country and Rock and Roll/Rockabilly sound of the 80’s in California.


In the early 90’s he moves back to Barcelona where he spends some good years living out of playing american music. In the late 90’s, while keeping up his singing career , opens up the first Honky Tonk Night-Club in Barcelona (Shotwell 59), where you were able to enjoy a good beer, whiskey, or cocktail while listening, to some of the best sounds of retro-americana music. Making a big impact in the Barcelona Country and Americana scene and becoming a truly Pioneer of the genre in his Country.

As a Performer, he started while in high school, as a young teenager, later on, with “Don Frank and his T-Bones” played around  the Northen California area. Back in his home-town, has played for years in various bands, “Frank & Toni”, “Legend 66”, “The Hayriders”, “The Country Revival Farmers".


Finally he takes a step forward, and decides is the right time to start his solo singer-songwriter career. He considers himself fortunate to be able to choose his life style doing the things he loves. In his own words: ”I’ve played a lot  of gigs, wrote song, made recordings, toured internationally, made some good friends, but most  of all,  had lots of fun !!”

Being a Lifetime Country-Roots-Rockabilly fan and musician, he plays an interesting concoction of Traditional C & W, Honky Tonk, Wester-Swing, Rockabily and Rock and Roll.  He really lives that kind of music, and that’s what his audiences can breathe and sense : the high energy of having fun while playing the music you love.